A Cruise Is the Best Way to Experience the Mediterranean


(NewsUSA) - A century ago, it was common for the affluent to take a months-long Grand Tour to see the sights of Europe.     

Today, a typical vacation averages two weeks or less -- not long enough to experience the highlights of Europe-- or is it?     

On a seven-day Mediterranean cruise, you can visit theTrevi Fountain in Rome, the lavender fields of Provence and Barcelona’s famous cathedrals, with side trips to the Italian riviera and a Spanish vineyard.     

With international airfares decreasing, parity between the dollar and euro for the first time in decades and a new generation of cruise ships plying its waters, a Mediterranean cruise vacation has never been more attractive, accessible or affordable.

Convenient and Inclusive     

On a cruise, you unpack once and you’re done. No lugging baggage from hotel to hotel or bus to train. Plus, your meals, on-board activities and entertainment are included in the cruise fare.

A Different Country (Almost) Every Day     

A typical seven-day Mediterranean cruise will have five or six port calls in several countries. Cruise lines design shore excursions to maximize time in port, getting you to the sites you want to see efficiently and safely, and ensuring your timely return to the ship. Amazing Value     

With the euro on par with the dollar for the first time in 20 years, your vacation budget can go farther than ever. For example, for North American consumers, Costa cruises are sold in dollars, but shipboard spending is in euros. Parity means your dollar buys as much as a euro, which can mean up to 30% in savings.     

Also, Costa makes it easy to recoup the value-added tax, or VAT, charged in European Union countries on-board, skipping long lines at the airport.     

In terms of value, Costa’s offers are unparalleled in the Med. Savvy shoppers can find cruise fares of about $100 to $150 per person per day -- and some as low as $65 --with other deals in which kids sail free or amenities and add-ons such as drink packages and on-board credits are included in the fare.     

Sailing the Mediterranean for more than 70 years, Costa Cruises is the undisputed leader in the region, offering more new ships and more itineraries than any other cruise line.       

For an immersive, European experience of the Mediterranean on an authentically Italian-style cruise, contact your travel professional, visit costacruises.com or call Costa Cruises North America at 1-800-GO-COSTA (800-462-6782).